What is the Moline recycling program?

Moline offers its residents the convenience of curbside recycling. If you are currently receiving garbage collection from the City of Moline, you will automatically receive curbside recycling at a charge of $3.69 per month on your water bill. For ease of use, the Moline recycling program is single stream, meaning all of your recyclables go into one cart for collection.  Please call Midland Davis at 309.277.1625 for more information or visit the recycling website. If you do not receive the curbside recycling service, a drop-off recycling center has been provided for your convenience. Moline’s drop-off Recycling Center is located at: 3635 4th Avenue Moline, IL (near the Municipal Services Center) For more information about the Drop Off Recycling Program, please call City Carton Recycling at 563.322.6530.

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1. What is the Moline recycling program?